Although the Gledhow Sugar Company owns no farms, it is extensively involved in facilitating and supporting agricultural development with the following categories of cane growers:

Small Scale Growers
Farmers cultivating sugar cane in traditional tribal areas, and farming small plots on a co-operative basis.

• Gledhow Sugar has a dedicated department offering extensive technical, financial and administrative support
  to this sector.
• Cane supply from this sector has been impressive rising from 24 000 tons in 2009 to 571 000 tons in 2016.
• This sector has attracted loan and grant finance from the KwaZulu-Natal and National Departments of Agriculture, SASA   and various NGOs, totaling R30 million over the last three years.
Land Restitution Growers
Farmers from the previously disadvantaged sector, who are farming land transferred under the State’s Land
Re-distribution Programme.

• Many of these growers are in partnership with long established large commercial growers.
• Gledhow provides technical support. This includes Dr PM Sokhela land holdings (majority shareholder).
Commercial Growers
Large scale long established growers, makes up 48% of cane supplies to the mill.

• Gledhow provides bridging finance to assist the sector to farm optimally in terms of cash hungry projects such
   as fallow land development, adequate fertiliser application, crop ripeners, etc.
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